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WITHCoin, initially launching on Coinis – Coinchel exchange.

Born with Korean technology encrypted virtual currency...Korea Exchange First listed registration No. 1

Elim Block Research Center has launched WTHC (With Truly and Honest Coin) platform on the Korea Exchange and the International Exchange on the 27th.
WITHCoin is a block chain that was created through South Korean technology and the first encrypted virtual currency to be listed on the Korea Exchange.
WITHCoin platform is a block chain that has been developed with functions as currency only by making up for and modifying existing block chains. It can be used in real life with the fastest transmission speed of a virtual currency in less than a second.
In addition, it is a post-central encryption virtual currency that can be extracted at the cheapest price rather than the traditional GPU mining method that consumes a huge amount of electricity to create a block chain of encrypted virtual currency.
It offers an electronic wallet that supports a wide range of devices, providing excellent compatibility for all operating systems of PCs (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix) and future operating systems.
Using the powerful POW method and recoding it based on the stable x-3 algorithm built on the with coin block chain, the WITHCoin was developed as a CPU only mining method.
In addition, the Architecture Description Markup Language (ADML) is designed to extend the ability to express and maintain the possibility of making decisions to support the safe and accurate execution of contracts.

What is the Elim Block chain?

The Elim Block Research Center has developed the world's first X-13 + algorithm and developed it in a dedicated CPU mining method, the other central Cryptocurrency WITHCoin (WTHC / With Truly). It introduced the WITHCoin technology, which is a dedicated extraction method for the CPU of the X-13 + algorithm, to the world to promote the excellence of Korea's block chain technology.

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