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WITHCoin. The cryptocurrency is created by Korean domestic technology.

ElimBlockChain R&D Research Center

WITHCoin has been listed on International Coin Exchange Coinchel, Coinis, and C-CEX, and is going to be listed on South Korea's Major Coin Exchange Bithumb, Upbit, Coinone, Kobit and others. "WITHCoin" has been developed with South Korean technology through three years of technological development at the Elim Block Research & Development Center,WITHCoin, it can be used in real life as it is the fastest speed among encrypted currencies. Through this, we will reduce the transfer fee not only between domestic but also between countries and accelerate the process to become a key currency for major Asian countries. " The biggest weakness of the current circulation of encrypted currency lies in security issues such as defenseless hacking and ransomware.
Accordingly, R&D Research Center, which is an Elim Block, is suggesting that it will provide e Widrock ., an electronic wallet security program developed with its own technology, to the world for free and prevent hacking as an IT powerhouse.

As virtual currency markets are growing, its impact is also expected. The Elim Block Research Center currently has branches in Cambodia and Bali, Indonesia, and plans to further advance to Japan and Vietnam in the middle of this month.

Bae Yoon-bin, who is in charge of strategic planning, said, We will provide Southeast Asia with free development of encrypted currency exchanges and development of encrypted currencies to spread the technological skills of Elim Block R&D Research Center. As a result, we hope that the direction of the development of the encryption currency will be fully transferred to the rest of the world and proceed to the right path. "

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