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‘WITH coin’ is highlighted, Korea’s first Cryptocurrency registered on the exchange amid a dramatic rise of Bitcoin.

The R&D Research Center, which is an Elim Block, has launched an encryption virtual currency with coin platform on the Korea Exchange and the International Exchange Coinchell on the 27th.

Bitcoin is skyrocketing as it surpassed $ 8,000,000 (10 million KRW). As Bitcoin is about to emerge as an institutional system, expectations that additional demands from markets could arise are fueling price increase.
Japan's Accounting Standards Committee (AS .) has prepared and announced accounting standards that recognize Bitcoin as a corporate asset starting from next year. It also decided to introduce futures trading in order to reduce risk of change in Bitcoin prices.

Earlier in the year, there are also movements in the U.S. that are trying to institutionalize Bitcoin. The Chicago Board of Trade (CME) announced that it will start trading futures of Bitcoin next month.
Along with this, R&D Research Center, which is an Elim Block, introduced WTHC (With Truly and Honest Coin) platform to il Coins On ijeu and wa International Exchange . on the 27th.
Wideu With coin . is a block chain that was created with South Korean technology and the first encrypted virtual currency to be listed on a local exchange.
With coin platform is a block chain that has been developed with functions as currency only by making up for and modifying existing block chains. It can be used in real life with the fastest transmission speed of a virtual currency in less than a second.
In addition, it is a post-central encryption virtual currency that can be extracted at the cheapest price rather than the traditional GPU mining method that consumes a huge amount of electricity to create a block chain of encrypted virtual currency.

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