WITHCoin[WTHC] Media Story

WITHCoin[WTHC] Media Story

Development of WithCoin, the only cryptocurrency in the world that does not offer ICO(Initial Coin Offering), but has been created in the spirit that puts priority on technical value with the staffs of the Research Institute.

Elim Blockchain Story Planning

ELIM Blockchain R&D Research Center

♦   Research and development of the world's first X-13 + algorithm

♦   Successful development of decentralized Cryptocurrency WITHCoin [WTHC]

♦   X-13 + Algorithm mining method revealed to the world

♦   Announcement of the excellence of Korean Blockchain technology through the disclosure of WITHCoin technology

♦   P2P mobile e-wallet gold and silver version released

♦   Development of settlement program linked to platform financing currency

♦   CPU mining success in July 2017

♦   February 01, 2020 Switch from PoW to PoS Success of Hash value stake mining in PC with coin e-wallet in CPU mining

♦   P2P exchange system patent completed on March 8, 2021

Company branch and operation and planning

♦   Cryptocurrency domestic P2P exchange development and progress.

♦   Advancement to Asian countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan.

♦   Development of local cryptocurrency (issued currency) based on the technology of ElimBlockChain R&D Center.

♦   Development and progress of the local cryptocurrency exchange.

♦   P2P exchange system patent completed on March 8, 2021.

Refer to the Website related to WithCoin

♦   Go to WithCoin Main Net

♦   Technical Disclosure Go to Github

♦   Go to WithCoin Exchange

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