Elim Blockchain R&D Center COMPANY The usable Electronic Coin in daily life!
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Elim Blockchain Story Planning

   Elim Block Chain Research Center.

♦ Research and development of X-13 + Algorism for the first time in the world.
♦ Succeeded in developing the decentralized fashion Cryptocurrency WITHCoin.
♦ Disclosure of "X-13 + Algorism" extraction method around the world.
♦ Announce the excellence of BlockChain technology in Korea by the disclosure of WITHCoin technology.
♦ Release P2P Mobile Electronic Wallet, Gold & Silver Version Available.
♦ Development of a platform business reconciliation interlocking settlement program.

ElimBlockChain Is More Special

WITHCoin is leading a new trend of cryptocurrency that can be used in our daily life.

ElimBlockChain Research Center

The Research Center,
which developed the world's first "x-13+Algorithm",
contributes to inform the superiority of Korean technology.


WITHLOCK ver. 1.0 Electronic Wallet
Security Program Development. Progress for additional development to protect WITHLOCK ver.
2.0 WITHCoin (WTHC) and 25 major Cryptocurrency

Build franchisees

Automatic settlement program (money exchange) and Development of Auto Building System. It is easy for users to mine WITHCoin by CPU Mining Method.
Very easy to use in real life, showing fast transmission speed (less than 1 second).

Company Branches & Operations & Planning

♦ Cryptocurrency Development and Implementation of the country's P2P exchange.
♦ Advance into Asia such as Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan.
♦ Development of its own Cryptocurrency (issued currency) based on technology from the Elim Block Chain R&D Center.
♦ Development and implementation of the Cryptocurrency National Exchange.

We'll work with you all of WITH Group Club through this process.
Elim BlockChain aims to communicate with people around the world, including the WITH Group Club, by sharing the exact information of Cryptocurrency through the media.