Elim Blockchain R&D Center COMPANY The usable Electronic Coin in daily life!
Lightest, Fastest and The Most Safe Block Chain! Superior Technology!

Our WITHCoin

WITHCoin is leading a new trend of cryptocurrency that can be used in our daily life.

True Virtual Money

WITHCoin, unlike traditional virtual coins, We develop various online and offline affiliated platforms so that users can use WITHCoin as a substitute of a real currency.

The Fastest Transaction Speed

WITHCoin has a fastest transfer speed, even less than 1 second.
It is able to spend the virtual money in daily life.

Light Block Chain

WITHCoin is generated with little electricity consuming.
It is easy for users to mine WITHCoin by CPU Mining Method.

Current Local Branches in Each country

WITHCoin is spreading throughout the world.
Currently, four regional offices are established and we will continue to expand operations all over the world.