The usable Electronic Coin in daily life!
Lightest&Fastest and The Most Safe Block Chain! & Superior Technology!
Inspire Yourself Here list the differentiation of WITHCoin between other e-coin in the market. The government issued money could be inflated, However, the number of WITHCoin is arithmetically restricted 1.8 Billion WITHCoin, and it would never be changed. Learn More
Fastest Transaction Speed WITHCoin is proud of fastest Transaction Speed
than any other cryptocurrency, even less than 1 second
Lightest & Fastest Block Chain Unlike traditional virtual money,
we are introducing a lightweight and fast virtual block chain.
Usable in Actual Life It is not only a Virtual Money
but also it is able to use in daily life.
CPU MINING CPU Mining Method in contrast to
GPU or ASI Method that consume enormous electricity.
WITHCoin MINER Registration Method WITHCoin adapts CPU Mining Method so that anyone can mine WITHCoin easily with a low electricity consuming.
1 Join WITHCoin Membership.
2 Click the MINER Menu to go on The Registration Page
3 In order to register your miner, Please enter your account, password, serial number of Miner and WITHCoin Wallet address.
4 Once connect your computer with a miner, please enter the serial number again If you have a WITHCoin miner, you can register the miner right now.
distributed financial technology

Connectivity across payments networks

distributed financial technology

Instant, on-demand settlement

distributed financial technology

Real-time traceability of funds

distributed financial technology

Low operational and liquidity costs

Protect your Cryptocurrency, A valuable Asset, Against Hacking

WITHCoin WALLET? WITHCoin provides the electronic wallet supporting various devices and systems, such as smart phones, computers, Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix. Wallet for Windows (Please make sure you back up your wallet and keep it safely!) Android Mobile Wallet (You can restore it at any time when you know your account and password) Web Wallet (Please keep your information secure!) For any other operating systems, you can use the web wallet. Web wallet does not have a backup function, so please remember your account and password, keep your password and account safe. WITHCoin WALLET